Give your Home an Artistic Touch with Statues and Sculptures


There are lots of ways to decorating your home but nothing can lend it more elegance and a sense of grandeur than some good artifacts. Paintings and sculptures by renowned artist or picked up from curio shops can add a classy touch to your home like nothing else. They might take a bit of your extra time with regarding to daily cleaning but the aura that it gives your home will be really worth it. Here are some tips on how you can use them to your best advantage to give your home the look you want.

  • If you are on a budget, then simple clay figurines can also alter your room’s look without burning a hole in the pocket. For the bedroom, you can use romantic figurines while for the dining or living room you can use flower girls and rural depiction for he homely and friendly feel. For the children’s room, you can use delightful animal models of bunny rabbits, kittens and puppies.
  • If you prefer metal instead, then use brass or bronze statues. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and you can buy an entire set to create single theme around the house. Copper is greatly used for contemporary art and it is especially good for garden art for its tenacity and its resistance to water and rust. As far as their maintenance is concerned, an occasional polish is all that is required.
  • With abstract art scoring high these days, you can also opt for them for decoration. From recycled goods to glass, from metal to even bricks and charred wood, sculptors nowadays are pushing the envelope to make something truly stunning and unique and possessing one of them will not only showcase your appreciation for good work but will give your home a degree of class and elegance unmatched by any other.


With these sculptures, you also have to give attention to the other details like furnishings and furniture to get the entire look in place. So your clay tribal Indian statues would look utterly out of place in a Tuscan décor or bold Greek warriors statues would be hilarious with French lace. So go ahead, use your imagination and discretion and indulge your fantasies and decorate the interiors that you have always wanted to.

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