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Goddess Kali is the Hindu deity of Time, the epitome of the destructive power of time. She is the goddess of war. A fearsome incarnation of Goddess Parvati, Kali leapt out of Goddess Durga's brow, during the war with the demon Raktabija. Statues of Kali depict her in her terrifying form, as the harbinger of the victory of good over evil.

Hindu mythology tells us that once Kali had killed all the demons in the battle, intoxicated by her triumph, she set out on a killing spree, putting to death anyone who crossed her path, and adorning herself with the heads and limbs of her victims. Her consort, Lord Shiva , asked her to desist, but Kali paid no heed. He then lay down beside the corpses. When Kali accidentally stepped on him, she realized her mistake. And she stuck out her tongue in shame.

Many statues of Kali capture this moment. They depict the goddess with wild eyes, with one leg resting on her husband's chest, and with her tongue protruding. Apart from this pose, statues of Kali standing, and of Kali dismayed after losing the dancing competition to Lord Shiva, are also popular.

In most statues and sculptures of Goddess Kali, she is shown in the nude, and is portrayed as being very dark. She is depicted as having four arms and hands. The left arms hold a sword and a severed head, and the right are held in a blessing pose.However, there are Kali statues in which the Hindu deity is depicted with 10 arms.

These are shown to hold a bloody sword, a head of a demon, a trident, a skull, a conch shell, a club, a sickle, a discus, a bow and arrow and a shield. Goddess Kali is portrayed as a terrifying figure wearing a garland of 51 heads. She is accompanied by serpents and a jackal.

Some statues of Kali depict her as having 10 heads. These are believed to represent her 10 aspects, or the Mahavidyas .

Statues of Kali are made in a variety of materials. Marble, green stone, ceramic, stone are some popular materials. Sculptures of Kali made of brass, bronze, wood, clay and terracotta are also well-liked. Talented craftsmen have also sculpted beautiful Kali idols made of fiber glass and porcelain.

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