A sculptor is a person who creates three dimensional works of art from different kinds of materials like stone, wood, metal as well as plastic. These people use their creative ingenuity to create some of the best master pieces that are worth appreciating.

Sculptors use different ways to give shape to their creation, known as sculptures. Some are carved out while others are molded and welded together. The sculptors are basically artists who, instead of using the paint brush and pencil, use chisels, hammers and welding machines to give shape to their creation.

Every sculptor followed different sculpture styles as per their choice. Where on one hand there are those who follow the gothic, baroque, renaissance and neo-classical style, on the other hand there are others who prefer the modernism and modern classicism style.

There are sculptors who specialize in stone sculptures, while there are some who specialize in making wooden sculptures. Still others are there who are experts in making sculptures from metal and plastics.

Some of the well known sculptor artists of the world are as follows:


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