Copper Sculpture: A Dimension in Modern Art


Copper as a metal has been in use since primitive times as we know of the Copper Age. And today copper as a metal is used extensively in modern art. The color of the metal is unique and one of a kind and this makes it one of the dominant reasons to be used by the sculptors and the artists as they fee that it has the potential to convey different moods and it sis something which can give shape to any theme, whether rustic or urban. Its greatest proof is that in many rural areas of India and beyond, it is the dominant metal to be used for the average household work as they cannot afford articles of stainless steel etc.

In modern art copper is used because it is strong and so it can withstand any amount of bending or coaxing. With the use of cutting edge technology, it can be given various shapes which are unthinkable on other metals. It can be cut into sheets and folded without difficulty and any kind of plating or filigree work is best enhanced by this metal. No wonder, that in modern abstract art, it is used to give shape to a vast range of designs and patterns and on the other hand, rural life can also be depicted very easily on it as well. No wonder that they cost a fortune but once bought and showcased they denote the epitome of craft, skill and elegance.

Maintaining such a costly work of art can hence be a difficult thing but your regular dusting will take care of the regular cleanliness with ease. Splashing it with water occasionally will also cause no harm as this metal does not have the tendency to get rusted.

To truly maintain the shine, an occasional polish will hence be enough and since a lot of garden art is made from this metal, it can be easily said that they are not at all faced with any difficulties when outdoors or when they are exposed to rough weather. So make your own room décor with this amazing metal and enjoy thr accolades of those who visit your house.


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