Contemporary Sculpture: Revolutionizing Abstract Art


Abstract Art is a revolution is itself and contemporary sculpture is just another medium like painting that expresses it. Although most people feel that a particular emotion or feeling cannot be expressed through this form of art, others feel that this is where exactly its importance lies as it expresses those jumbled emotions and thoughts and feelings that perturb us and yet to those that we fail to describe or associate. Much like the “stream of conscious” novel that tries to capture the feeling of the restless mind and the later development of the abstract novel and drama, abstract art too has emerged as a powerful medium of expression and contemporary sculpture is definitely a flagship in this respect.

How is it Different?

However, it also denotes other kind of sculptures that are new in any other respect, like in the material that is used or in the technique that is applied. Innovativeness in themes and depiction of issues through statues and figures can also be termed as contemporary sculpture. It has to be said though that its acceptability and appreciation among the masses too is gradually increasing by the day.

Moreover, sculpting is not just about carving with a hammer and chisel on stones anymore. Every other form of material ranging from glass, metal, wood etc are now used to make this form of art. The different schools of sculpting around the world again have their own methods and techniques and they are further stylized by individuals by their thought processes as the try and capture the ambivalence of modern living and the dilemma and tribulations of the modern individual through their work.

Moreover, they are not just limited to one particular structure or statue. They can range from a small figurine at the corner table to a full fledged 50- foot long piece in the middle of a water body. The very definition of “sculpture” now has undergone a change as contemporary artisans and sculptors are now breaking down every barrier and making new rules in pushing the boundary further in an attempt to give vent to their creative ideas. And in the process they are also reviving ancient traditions and uniting them with today’s technique, making this art form truly versatile.


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