Create Different Moods with Amazing Animal Sculptures


Around the world, among people of different races and ethnicities, animals play a major role in their beliefs and culture. Some are considered to bring luck while the spotting of certain animals is laced with terror and dread. This can also be seen in the art work of those countries, especially while making sculptures that depict animals. To the Occidental West, these characteristic and traits of associating spiritual importance to beasts are considered as weaknesses of the Oriental East, but even they have not been able to elude the mysticism.

So for any contemporary household, animals sculpture may or may not hold such spiritual significance but they can go a long way in creating the mood of a room. So for example, the patriarch’s study room can have a huge figure of a tiger or a lion while the evening parlor can have swans. The children’s room can have delightful bunny rabbits or kittens while the living room can have dolphins or horses which are known to be friendly creatures. The temperament of the particular creature can go along way in creating the mood you want a particular mood to convey.

Not only that, the way in which they are styled can also create different moods and sometimes completely different for what is the general belief. So if you want to a room to showcase power and strength but not intimidating, then a rearing stallion can send the right message instead of a racing cheetah. Or if you want a room to convey friendliness and joy, for example your living room, then you can go for the classic figure of different animals under a tree. Or if the mother and children stay together, then the other classic figures of cows with their calves’ ca also be used effectively.

However, if you are thinking of making present out of them, especially to people of different communities or religion or different race, then be sure that they do not associate that particular creature with any special beliefs, especially negative. Or if it is possible, you can especially gift them with animal figures which they consider lucky and it will definitely do wonders for your friendship.


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