Animal print rugs-A Passionate display of love for wildlife


Printed rugs are one of the most versatile floor décor items because of its wonderful color impact and great effect. These rugs are available both in light color base and dark color base and the room owner can select the color base according to her discretion. While the dark colors can intensify the gorgeousness of the room, rugs with light and neutral color base adds more space and breathing place on the room décor. However animal prints rugs are widely in demand in both dark and soft colors and these rugs are available with different sizes and shapes.

There are different design varieties of animal print rugs. Some of them bears the scenes from wildlife and some of these rugs displays wild pictures of animals the picture of lion family, flying birds, Indian tigers are some of the most common animal prints available on theses rugs and these rugs a wonderful natural setting in the room décor as it is fresh piece of green is lying on the floor. Those who love wild life and love to visit forest in travel time can make their floor rugs with animal prints as if a piece of forest has entered the room.

Although wildlife lovers will find all animal print rugs as quite attractive, Zebra printed area rugs have some special effect of their own. The print of Zebra is a wonderful creation of God and it is unique in its own similarity pattern as well as in dissimilarity. Zebra prints are wonderfully gorgeous but it is never loud in its effect and it goes well with modern room décor as well as with tradition furniture line as well.

Area rugs are slightly bigger in size and area rugs with Zebra prints are perfect room accessory for spacious rooms as well as for small living rooms because these prints add space illusion to the room décor.

Zebra prints rugs are made on white base and therefore it demands care, otherwise there is a fair chance that the texture may get spoiled. It is therefore recommended to use zebra printed area rugs in less traffic area of house. A little care and maintaining timely cleaning schedule can keep a zebra print are rug stunning beautiful accessory of room décor.

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