The War Rugs From Afghanistan Tell Us About The War That Is Prevailing Since The Soviet occupation


Afghanistan as a country we all know is marred by violence. The first signs of violence started with the invasion of the Soviets in the year 1979. The Soviets have been long driven out of the country but till this date, there has been no end to the violence. It has today spilled over to the aftermaths of the 9/11 attacks which rocked the United States.

It is very natural that the art and culture of a country reflects the ongoing atmosphere of the country. Therefore it is very much natural than Afghan culture will have a bit of war in each aspect of life. Now if you come down to rug manufacturing war rugs from Afghanistan are among the prominent rugs that are manufactured here in Afghanistan.

The war rugs from Afghanistan started soon after the Soviets invaded the country in the year 1979. Rug manufacturers started showing signs of Soviet occupation on their work since then. The major turning point was when the soviets were driven out of the country. Here the rug manufactures started showing the Soviets bring driven out in their work. Today freedom is an important aspect of our lives. No one likes to be ruled by someone else. Therefore, if you go through the rugs manufactured in the era when the Soviets were being driven out you will find many artistes have given their views and expressed their joys regarding the event. They write their views on the rugs they manufacture. However, war did not end there in Afghanistan. Soon the notorious Taliban ruled them. It was after the world trade centre attacks in September 2001 troops led by the U.S. came hunting for the elusive Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban Leader Mullah Omar. Therefore, Afghanistan’s association with war continued and is still in force to this date.

Thus, even today rug makers in Afghanistan continue to portray war in the pictures that are prevailing on the rugs. However, though they have produced some of the finest work in rug making let us all hope that war soon comes to and end in the war torn country of Afghanistan and people there are able to live prosperously.

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