The Star Wars Rugs Add A Lot Of Glamour To Your Home


Living in style has become a part of modern day life. Each one of us in our own possible manner would like to decorate our homes in our own sweet way. Rugs and carpets today are an important aspect of home decoration. Now here while it is important that you buy the traditional knotted rugs due to their durability factor you can go ahead and buy something which will not only add to the glamour of you home but also bring some joy to everyone.

The star war rugs are the sought of rugs which just suits the criteria discussed above. Other than being a rug, it is of cute interest to your child who probably is addicted to all the recent Hollywood movies. Moreover, the star war movies are of acute interest to the viewers. Therefore, everyone will find it of great interest if they get ant star wars related item in your home.

A very good example of the star war rugs is the wampa rug. The wampa rug is in fact so adorable that you may just want to cuddle it up and not let it go. It is covered with soft snow fur the rug as the wampa trades mark curved horns and a tooth grin.

The wampa rugs are a launch to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the star war sequel. It is a marketing strategy on the part of the rug makers and the production house of star wars to cash in on the popularity of the movie.

The wampa rug to has its own advantages to. It has a huge cooling effect. It is based on the cave creature who lost its arm to Luke Skywalker on Hoth in the movie “The Empire Strikes Back” The wampa rug is definitely and attention grabber. Everyone entering your home is bound to pay attention to it.

Other than the traditional knotted rugs, the star wars rugs are probably is the best modern day rug that is available in the market. Therefore, do not waste much time and rush to the store to be a proud owner of a star wars rug or to be more precise a wampa rug.

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