The Joy Of The Tribal Population In The Display Of Afghan War Rugs



Afghanistan since the 9/11 attacks is a land of mystery. Other than the cities of Kandahar or Kabul, there are vast areas of unknown land, which are dominated by tribes and various warlords. This is a country, which has been continuously fighting for many a reason. Earlier we had the Soviet Union encroachment, and then came the Taliban. Finally, we have the forces led by the United States trying to hunt down the elusive Osama Bin Laden, and Mullah Omar.

War has been there for quite sometime now. The various tribes there have got themselves involved in the fighting too. Therefore, it is very much natural that war will find some place in every sphere of Afghan life. So even when it comes to manufacturing of rugs here you will find Afghan war rugs tribal population of the country has to offer to the world.

Pushing the Soviets out is a memorable thing, which many a patriotic Afghan would cherish. If you search, you will find that there are rugs manufactured to celebrate that event too. On these rugs tribal artiste have given his or her own impressions about the event. On one such rug, you will find the map of Afghanistan completely in red. It gives you an idea of tribal folk art. Sometimes it is boring for the weaver to use one color for large areas.

Therefore, various colors are used to make the rug more colorful. If you move search you will find plenty more of such rugs that the tribal population has to offer. Some have the pictures of hand rockets and bombs to create a war like situation on the rug. There will be rugs where the tribal artist has written something on it. It is probably his or her feelings about the whole event.

Today most of these war rugs in Afghanistan are about the war that took place to drive the soviets out of the country. The tribal population along with all other Afghans is proud. This is natural, as no one likes his or her country to be ruled by any foreign force. Therefore, many of them have shown there underlying joy by displaying it on carpets and rugs.

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