Animal Print Rugs—why they are so popular


Rugs are nowadays widely used for floor coverings as it adds on room décor as well as it creates a complete ambience in the interior decoration of the premise. Rugs are available in market with different shapes, qualities, and under wide range of budget. Due to wonderful versatility of these floor coverings rugs are being widely used in residential premises as well as in offices and other commercial premises; animal print rugs are widely used for its wide color effect and smart looks. The looks and smart appeal of the rugs are one of the reasons of its popularity.

Gone are those days when rugs were used on single colors like wall to wall carpets and rugs were always selected depending on the wall color and the upholstery of the room in order to create a total effect of the room decoration. In this aspect woolen rugs, cotton rugs, and synthetic yarn made rugs, nylon printed rugs are widely in demand and instead of old colors and monotonous color combination rugs nowadays vibrant and colorful rugs are widely being used in modern concept of room décor; animal print rugs are one of the most used print versions of these rugs category.

There are wide array of advantages provided by these rugs. Some of these advantages are the complete protection of the floor.

The coverage of rugs on the floor saves the chance of scratching and offers great longevity of the floor polish. Rugs work as floor spread and the layer of rugs can protect the house members from severe injury if by chance they fall on the floor. It works as a safety shield especially for the children and the elderly members of family. Kids are especially fond of animal print rugs because the picture of different animals evokes their interest and curiosity about them.

Nylon printed rugs are widely used nowadays because of its easy maintenance and wash friendliness. These rugs are available against economy price also. Besides being used as floor spread, these rugs can be placed on floor for wonderful temporary sitting arrangement. Nylon printed rugs are excellently durable in nature and they prove cost effective also for the users.

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