Monkey Print Rugs: Uncommon, Yet Very Much In Demand


Animal print rugs are synonymous with fashionable home decoration and most modern interior designers suggest the use of it to decorate one’s home. Unlike the past wherein the kings and queens used real animal hide as a symbol of status and power, animal print rugs have become more common and desirable. If the theme of the room is that of a safari or a jungle, the animal print rug can make it look awesome.

There are many manufacturers of animal print rugs online. This helps the customer to choose amongst many options and select the best suitable rug for his home. Animal print rugs such as that of leopards, tigers, zebras, giraffes etc are available. Though the zebra print is the most popular amongst all of them, a unique monkey print rug can add spark to the entire home decoration. These rugs come in different shapes, sizes, textures and colours and are liked by many people.

Children are often very fond of animals and want to reflect their love by putting up themes for their rooms. For e.g. a jungle theme can be interesting. One can use animal murals on the walls with stuffed monkeys hanging from chains which in return are suspended from the ceiling along with colourful monkey print rugs. This also helps the children to get acquainted with the animal names. The prints might provide forest as a backdrop.


Animal print rugs can make a dull area of a house look attractive. The bold monkey prints can also be used as designs for the floor. They can be used in bedrooms or living rooms, especially if the theme is that of a safari.

Animal prints are the order of the day and one tries to incorporate the latest trends while decorating the home. They give a vibrant look to the entire ambience and add life to the home decoration.

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