The Hand Printed Braided Rugs Add A Touch Of Glamour To The Surrounding


Rugs today are manufactured with the help of machines. In fact why only rugs machines today have occupied a large part of our day-to-day lives. However there is an urge within us human beings to interact and avail more knowledge of the by gone era. Therefore, if you walk into any rug store you would do well to buy hand printed braided rugs for your home.

Well let me now tell you something about the art of braiding. Now if you are to goby definition to braid is to interweave or twine three, or more separate strands of one or more materials in a diagonally overlapping pattern. Perhaps if you are a lover of art and culture you will do well to buy them and keep them in your possession. The more fine the work is the better it is look. This will bring an added variation to the floor of your home.

Hand printed braided rugs enjoy many an advantage to the normal machine made rug. The only negative factor here is you will find it is the price is a bit high. This is natural considering that many hours of manual labor have been put into it. The machine made rug is indeed cheap. However, you should take into account the durability factor too. The machine made rugs though cheap need frequent replacement. This is not the case for the hand made ones. Even after ten years of use, they look quite new. Hand made rugs generally do not allow to much dust to settle on them thus they are very easy to clean.


If you look around you will find there are various sub qualities in hand printed braided rugs. Some are manufactured with the help of jute. Size and shape to come into play when we are selecting the ideal hand printed braided rug for our floor. Care should be taken so that color of the rug matches the surrounding. A rug is after all bought to add glamour to the surrounding atmosphere. Therefore, it should not play the spoilt sport. Today we have interior decorators who specialize in designing homes. Consult them if necessary.

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