Cowhide Rugs: An Enviable Part Of Home Decoration


Cowhide rugs are generally made from high quality cowhide and are available in the market for commercial purpose. They are used mainly as part of one’s home decor. These cowhide rugs are used as floor rugs. They can be of different colours and designs and are extremely durable for e.g. Classical black and white cowhides are ideal for home decor, reddish brown cowhides are the best for warm rooms, light brindle cowhide rug gives the room a rustic country look, black cowhides are suited for modern rooms etc.
Faux cowhide rugs (whose origin is Belgium) are made with faux fur only which makes them durable. They can be washed in a machine and therefore easy to care for. It is also hypo-allergenic in nature. They are available in different sizes and shapes in the market.

Zebra cowhide rugs are very popular as part of one’s home decor. These rugs are mostly manufactured in Africa and sold in different parts of the world. The zebra skin pillow is the largest selling material amongst all, with the option of getting a pillow that has the zebra face or the zebra mane.

Camel cowhide is also very much in demand in today’s world. These cowhides are best suited for warm rooms and a non-slip pad is included along with it which helps to protect both the rug as well as the floor. Thus, even if the rug is placed on a tiled or hard surfaced floor, it does not get worn out easily.


Apart from the zebra cowhide rug and camel cowhide rug as separate entities, camel zebra cowhide rugs are also available in the market. Designs of animal figures are inscribed on these rugs, making them immensely popular as pieces of decoration with classic modern furniture.

Floor rugs make a dull area in the house look attractive. The importance of floor rugs lies in its functional importance and if these rugs are made from good quality cowhide, they complement the room. Therefore, interior designers suggest the use of cowhide floor rugs as part of home designs.

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