Cow Print Rugs: Ideal For Home Decoration


Animal print rugs have become synonymous with modern home decoration. In the past, kings and queens used real animal hides as a symbol of their status and power. However almost all interior designers of today suggest the use of animal printed rugs as part of home designs. Cow print rugs compensate the use of cow skin rugs for someone who does not like the look of the latter. However one must remember that the choices for cow print rugs might not be as great as cow skin rugs.

Cow print rugs are not as intricately patterned as cow hide rugs. This is because the cow print does not include the fur colours of the actual cow. In spite of this, online warehouses offer a large variety of cow print rugs to its customers. There are different types of animal prints available in the market such as zebra print rugs, tiger print rugs, leopard print rugs etc.

Cow print rugs can be placed in any corner of the room or office. They come in various shapes, sizes, textures and colours. What one chooses for the office or home largely depends on the space available and also on the personal choice.

Though there is a belief that cow print rugs are mostly used in the countryside, they can be used even as part of our modern and contemporary home decoration. The elegant prints can be used even in the classiest of rooms but they are most typically preferred in the bathrooms and kitchens.


Cow print designs can also be used as designs for the floor. The bold prints get noticed easily and are ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and also conservatories.

The prints are perfect if one wants to create a safari-styled room or if the theme is that of a cowboy.

One can also paint a cow print rug for himself/herself. The colour of the print can be white with black or brown splotches.

Thus we can safely conclude that animal print rugs have become an inevitable part of our home decoration and give a vibrant look to the entire room, be it used as a floor rug or a wall hanging.

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