Advantages Of Antique Oriental Rugs Over Their Machine Made Counterparts


We human beings generally tend to crave for things of the by gone era. Therefore, when you have to decorate our homes you would like to buy things, which are probably, not manufactured anymore. Rugs and carpets form an internal part of our home decoration. They increase the grandeur of your home rapidly. A well-decorated rug can completely change the look of your floor. Therefore, when you do land up in the shop to buy carpets or rugs you can give antique oriental rugs a serious thought.

If you go by definition, you will find that antique oriental rugs are handmade carpets of the far east. In the earlier days, there were no machines so work was done hand made. They were either knotted with pile or woven with pile. These rugs were manufactured all around Asia. China, Vietnam, Turkey, Cyprus, Iran used to produce these rugs. Further, east we had India, Tibet who was also involved in producing antique oriental rugs.

Antique oriental rugs are known for their variety. This is because various cross sections of people were involved in its production. There were religious as well as cultural differences between them. If you look at the countries discussed above you will find Islam, Hinduism, as well as Buddhism practiced in these countries.

Hand made rugs are quite different from the ones produced by the machine. The first major difference is that the machine made is not knotted. The fiber is put in place and then it is secured by latex backing. This makes it a bit rough.

An antique oriental rug which is hand made outlasts its machine counterpart by at least fifty years. Even after ten years of production, it is considered brand new. A machine made carpet may initially cost you less. However, please do take into consideration the replacement costs that you will soon have to make. An antique oriental rug like a true antique gains value along with the passing of time.

Antique oriental rug does have plenty of advantages than its machine counterparts. It is fire resistant and difficult to ignite. Therefore if any of our guests drop a cigarette by mistake no major mishap will occur. There will be countless more examples. Therefore when you do go to buy a rug you should opt for an antique oriental rug. It will benefit you over the long term.

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