Animal Print Rugs


Animal print rugs constitute an important part of the modern home decoration. In the past, kings and queens have used real animal hide rugs as a symbol of status and wealth but these days we can compensate it with animal print rugs.

There are many manufacturers of animal print rugs that are available online. This helps the customer to choose amongst many options and get the best suitable animal print rug for himself/herself. There are many types of area print rugs such as giraffe print rugs, cow print rugs, leopard print rugs, and tiger print rugs. However, the zebra print rugs are the most popular amongst them. The zebra print rugs come in many designs. There are vertical stripes as well as horizontal stripes on the rugs. They are also available in different shapes, such as rectangle, oval etc.

Animal print rugs are the order of the day and it adds beauty to the home decor. At times the entire home decoration needs an extra touch which can be done only by an exotic animal print rug. The exotic animal print rugs come in all designs, textures and colours. However, what one chooses for the home or office will largely depend on the size of the space available and personal choice.

A unique monkey print rug can add spark to the home decoration. Though the monkey print rugs are not that common, they come in various sizes, ranging from rectangle, square as well as oval. The prints might provide forest as a backdrop.

The choices for cow print rugs will not be as great as cowhide rugs. Cow print rugs are mostly used in country kitchens and bathrooms. However, the elegant designs can be put even in a classy room or office. The cow print rugs are designed in an intricate pattern and are available in many colours, shapes and sizes.

Animal print rugs have become very popular as part of one’s home decoration. It gives a vibrant look to the entire home decoration and also adds a theme to the rooms.

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