Home Decorating Rugs – Tips for Selecting Perfect Rug for Your Home



Rugs are the textile floor cover or carpets. You can use home decorating rugs to decorate your home. It always looks unique. Rugs come in great variety of colors, styles, and sizes. This gives you option to select the best one. You can decorate a wall with the rug or place it on the floor.

Tips to Decide Perfect Home Decorating Rugs

Before you buy rugs for your home, you need to take care of few things to ensure that the rugs that you buy give your home an altogether different feel. Let us look into these points:

  • First and foremost decide how much you want to spend on the home decorating rugs. To be precise what is your budget. Usually these rugs last for long. But you need to decide whether you want these permanently or you would like to change these on regular basis.
  • Measure the area where you want to place the rugs. And accordingly look for the same in the market. While measuring ensure that space is left between the wall and the edge of the rugs. This would allow doors to open and close without getting caught in between.
  • Decide the texture of rugs that you would like to have. Rugs of various textures are available in the market. Let us look into some of these:
    • Wool: These rugs are considered to be the traditional as well as practical rugs today as these are warm, stylish, and at the same time durable. You can maintain and wash these easily.
    • Silk Rugs: These are treated as luxurious rugs and enhance the décor of your home. The texture of these rugs is very soft and light. But these are highly priced.
    • Cotton: These are cheaper rugs than the wool and silk rugs. But these are less durable and warm as compared to wool rugs. These types of rugs might often lose the texture because of high moisture. Hence, you should ensure that these are not kept in wet place.
    • Synthetic: These are cheapest of all types of rugs. The most admired type of synthetic rugs is acrylic and olefin rugs. These might resemble wool rugs in texture but are cheaper than these, but at the same time are less durable as compared to the wool rugs. Still these easy to clean.
    • Depending upon the requirement select the type of rug you want for your home.
  • Think the color of home decorating rugs you require for your home. The color can be thought of keeping in mind the color of the walls. Also keep in mind that to give cozy looks choose darker shades and to give spacious look choose lighter colors.
  • Home decorating rugs come in patterns as well as solids. Depending on the type of furniture you can select these. In case the furniture already has patterns, then select rugs that do not have patterns.
  • Rugs are also available in all shapes and sizes. Hence depending on what you like and also what suits the room, you can select.

Home decorating rugs sets off a room by adding warmth and comfort to the beauty of the floors. By selecting the rug that suits your home and style both, would definitely enhance the look of the room as well as the home.

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