Tips for Selecting Home Décor Area Rugs



Home décor area rugs can be used to warm up any room. There are endless options with wide variety of designs, materials, and colors available for any home. These add splash of color to a room. You should have thick and warm rugs for winter and lightweight rugs for summer. These protect the floors from wear and tear as flooring is expensive to replace too often. Home décor area rugs also protect the floors from pets as well as stains. In case you have pets at home, you should place pet friendly rug at the place where pets love to lies down or play. The rugs when placed in doorways help to catch the mud and dirt that appear on the paws of the pet. In case you have slippery floors also useful, use rugs having non slip underside. This would prevent falls on slippery floors.

Tips for Selecting the Interior Decorating Rugs

Home décor area rugs are one of the ways to brighten the look of your room. These even add warmth and glamour to the home. For using the rugs to improve the look of different rooms of the home let us look into few tips for selecting these:

  • Entry Way: Decorative area rugs when used in the entry way makes even the miniature room look much larger and also gives a welcoming touch to anybody entering the home. Even a circular rug in the center of the room makes the entry way look larger. Remember to select the color of the area rug matching with the color of the wall. Depending on the type of paint on walls select the rugs. If the walls have patterned color select plain rug and on the other hand if the walls are plain, select a patterned rug.
  • Living Room: There are many ways in which home décor area rugs can be used in the living room. A large rectangular, square or even round area rug can be selected. In case you select rectangular or square rug for the living room the same can even go under the furniture. This gives the living room a cozy look. A small area rug just under the table or in front of fire place also makes the living room look beautiful.
  • Kids Room: Area rugs in the kid’s room should match the child’s room as well the personality of the child. These area rugs can be placed besides the bed. Variety of different shaped area rugs is available. Kid’s room will look fantastic having the area rugs shaped as baseball, football, buses, trains, trucks, and much more. You can select these depending on the age and choice of the kid.

While selecting home décor area rug for home, the size of the room, décor, and where the same needs to be placed must be taken care of. Further color and design should also match the room décor. Having these thoughts in mind you should look at the home and plan areas where area rugs are needed.

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