Medicine Buddha Statues



The Medicine Buddha is regarded as the Master of Healing in Tibetan medicine. It is believed that simply thinking of him or invoking his name is therapeutic.

Buddha statues have always been admired both as objects of veneration and as decorative pieces. Medicine Buddha statues are no exception. They possess both aesthetic value as well as the power of healing.

Appearance of the Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha statues and sculptures depict him as dressed in monastic robes, and sitting in the padmasana (full lotus) posture. He is seated on a lotus with a thousand petals, which in turn rests on a jeweled throne. The Medicine Buddha's right hand is extended over the right knee, palm outward, and in it, he holds the Myrobalan plant. This is the gesture of supreme generosity. His left hand rests in his lap, palm upward. This is the gesture of meditative stability. The Myrobalan plant is believed to possess powers to cure both physical and spiritual illnesses. The posture of the Healing Buddha represents the eradication of suffering and illness. The fundamental cause of illness, it is believed, is the lack of contentment. The need for contentment is indicated by the begging bowl in the Medicine Buddha's left hand.

Statues of the Medicine Buddha have been crafted using diverse materials. While metals and alloys such as copper, silver, brass and bronze remain the most popular choice for artists as well as those who wish to buy Medicine Buddha idols, wood , clay and ceramic Medicine Buddha figurines are also available. Porcelain Medicine Buddha, and Medicine Buddha statues made of stone (marble, soapstone, sandstone. Hydrostone, jade), are also popular. Some sculptures of the Healing Buddha (also called Bhaisajya Buddha) are also gilded or gold-plated. They may have an antique finish or maybe shiny. Moreover, they are available in a variety of sizes to suit a person's needs. From small silver pendants to large stone sculptures, Medicine Buddha statues are a very popular gift as well.

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