The devoted followers of the teachings and tenets of Buddhism are knows as Buddhists. The Buddhists believe that Lord Buddha saw the ultimate truth about what the world was like and they also believed that the world is not perfect. The Buddhists believed that Buddha was common human like them and he was important because he gained enlightenment.

The Buddhist central beliefs are three in number. These beliefs are known as ‘three jewels’ and are considered very precious. The life of the Buddhists is based on three precepts. They are:

  • Do not steal which helps one to cultivate the virtue of misconduct.
  • Do not kill which helping the cultivation of loving kindness to all beings.
  • Do not indulge in any sexual misconduct to put an end to the birth and death cycle.
  • Do not take intoxicants to cultivate attention, awareness and clarity of mind.
  • Do not make false speech to cultivate the virtue of truth and honesty.



The Noble Eight-Fold Path is the Buddhist way of life that is intended for all people. This particular way is also offered to all without any discrimination of caste and creed.

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