Buddhist Traditions



There are different Types of Buddhist traditions as ‘Zen’, ‘Theravada’ or ‘Mahayana’ traditions. But all these traditions are one and the same as they all follow the common path of liberation of mind from sufferings. Each of these traditions helps us in understanding ‘Dhamma’. While the Mahayana tradition which teaches the way to a blissful life, is the practice of feeling of sympathy for others. The Theravada tradition teaches that the door to a delightful life is practice of Mindfulness. Different traditions of Buddhism(link) reflect different cultural variations influenced by the places where Buddhism spread directly as the Theravada tradition spread through Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos. Mahayana tradition spread north of Vietnam, China, and Japan.

Different Buddhist Traditions:

Basically there are three different types of Buddhist Traditions, these are:


The Theravada or the ‘Lesser Vehicle’ Tradition preserves the original and old teachings of Buddhism. It focuses on attaining personal salvation/ liberation and attaining Arahantship by freeing the mind from contaminations.



Or the ‘Great Vehicle’ tradition throws light not only on personal enlightenment but on collective salvation it follows the ideals of ‘Bodhisattva’ Pure land Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism and Zen Buddhism are the three most famous schools of the Mahayana Traditions.


The followers of Vajrayana Buddhist tradition are basically in Tibet. The Vajrayana tradition is also called ‘Diamond Vehicle’. One great ideal of ‘Vajrayana’is that it helps in attaining the salvation or Nirvana in one life rather than living countless lives.

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