Legacy Pottery



When man came to know the beauty of a pot thrown on the wheel and its decoration, pottery took on a new meaning for him…

Among the various media chosen by man for expressing his joy through art, music or literature, the simplest has been soft and malleable clay. Nimble fingers mould the most beautiful form and expression. Clay is such a fascinating medium that if a lump of it is given to a child, he instinctively creates things out of it.

Pottery is the measure of a country's civilization. Being one of the oldest crafts, man has expressed his feelings and his aesthetics in clay. A piece of pottery has a visual message in its shape and color. It is the most sensual of all arts. It is not only to be looked at, but also to be handled carefully.

No wonder then that pottery has been called the lyric of handicrafts. Lyrical because of its irresistible and universal appeal. But, it is the association of religion with this art that has given it a deeper significance and another dimension too.

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