Delhi pottery



Known as the "lyric of handicrafts", pottery has always supplied writers and poets with the metaphors they have needed.

It was probably the Pathan potters from Afghanistan who introduced the glazing techniques to the Mughal court in India.

Today, Khurja, an old town about 80 kilometers from Delhi, is full of Muslim potters, engaged in this ancient craft. They use inky blue color known as Jaipur blue as background for floral designs. They also make tiles and do pottery cutwork.

Khumba Matkas

The pretty, unglazed khumba matkas (water pots of clay), piled high around New Delhi railway station, are made locally. According to a Hindu legend, the first pot was made to store amrit (the nectar of immortality) thrown up during the great churning of ocean. Thus the Khumbas, the name also given to the potters' community, were held in high esteem.

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