Pottery Tiles



As the name suggests, pottery tiles are tiles made of clay that has been fired in a kiln . They are commonly referred to as ceramic tiles.

Decorative tiles are a popular choice for adorning walls and floors. They may be painted, glazed or engraved. These pottery tiles could be used in kitchens, bathrooms, bedroom, living and dining rooms, in lounges and porches. In short, everywhere.

These handmade tiles could also be used to decorate tabletops, pencil stands, trays, key hooks and mirrors. Pottery porcelain tiles are extremely popular because they are stain proof, scratch resistant and durable.

There are numerous ways a plain pottery tile may be decorated. Some of the popular ceramic tile designs are

  • Mosaic
  • Geometric
  • Mythological
  • Floral
  • Related to nature, including landscapes and animals
  • Ethnic Indian
  • Related to sports
  • Textual
  • Religious
  • Those of famous paintings
  • Abstract

Ceramic tiles often play on the theme of the room they are placed in. for instance, pottery tiles for the kitchen often have images of vegetables and fruits painted on them.

Tiles made of ceramic could either have an independent picture painted on them, or they could together create a picture.

Pottery tiles are available in numerous shapes and sizes. They could be plain colored or have patterns. They could be adorned with various color effects such as blending, shading, glitter and shine. Pottery tiles could be corner tiles, border tiles, panel tiles, or those that make up the centre.

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