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For those who have growing interest in pottery-making and its other features there is a prime need to develop an insight of pottery. And to make oneself competent and skillful in the techniques of preparing, molding, throwing and decorating pottery ware, attending a pottery class is a must. Once you have perfected the basics, your creativity and imagination will guide you in your affair with pottery.

So what can you learn in a pottery class?

  • Pottery lessons teach you how to prepare clay for pottery. You learn what the characteristics of good clay are, and how to choose the clay for your work.
  • You learn how to pick a potter's wheel that suits your need, and operate it.
  • Pottery classes teach you the various steps of throwing a pot You learn how to mold clay using simply your hands.
  • These lessons in pottery teach you how to operate a kiln . You learn the importance of maintaining temperature and understand the various effects achieved at different temperatures.


  • Pottery classes teach you how to use various pottery tools .
  • They also introduce you to various pottery decoration techniques. These include pottery glazes , pottery paint, carving and engraving, among others.
  • You also learn various methods of applying paint and glaze through pottery lessons. These methods include spraying, dipping, brushing on and pouring.
  • Moreover, you learn pottery intricacies like how shapes can be modified on the wheel by applying the correct pressure at the correct point, and also how to give your pottery objects beautiful finishes.

Pottery classes are conducted for people at various stages of learning the art of pottery. There are pottery classes for children, for amateurs, for people looking to brush up their skills. Pottery classes could be purely practice based, or a mix of both theory and hand-on work.

  • Soup bowls
  • Rice bowls
  • Dessert bowls
  • Cereal bowls
  • Pasta bowls
  • Candy bowls
  • Serving bowls
  • Ceramic bowls for decorative purposes

There are numerous techniques of decorating a pottery bowl:

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