Pottery Mugs



Pottery mugs are one of the most popular gift items. They come in various shapes and sizes, and are decorated in numerous ways. They may be sold individually or in pairs, or sets.

Some of the popular kinds of pottery mugs are:

Plain colored mugs made of clay :

These clay made mugs are available in a whole range of colors – dull, bold, bright, florescent, shaded.

Patterned pottery mugs :

These patterns could be floral, linear, abstract, geometric, of animals, birds etc. In India, pottery mugs with ethnic Indian motifs are popular as well.

Pottery Mugs with Images :

These could be cartoon characters, fictional characters, non-fictional figures, self-images etc.

Inscribed Pottery Mugs :

These mugs have witty remarks, famous quotations, jokes, or portions of a text or song inscribed on them.

Theme Mugs :

Some of the popular theme pottery mugs are zodiac mugs, Halloween, Christmas mugs, etc.

Memento Mugs :

These are related to particular events such as birthdays, anniversaries or conferences, workshops, fairs etc.

Pottery Mugs with Emblems :

These mugs are given away as corporate reminders and gifts.

Souvenir Pottery Mugs :

These have an image or text or both related to the place they are a souvenir of.

Plain Pottery Mugs :

These are usually not adorned with anything more than glaze , varnish, or a dash of paint.

When pottery mugs are made, they are usually created in parts: the portion that holds the liquid is created on a wheel and the handle separately. They are then joined, and fired.

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