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A pottery store is a delightful place to purchase handmade pieces of pottery . Often, the potter has a small store attached to his workshop. From here, he sells the pottery he makes. Alternatively, merchants may purchase the potter's work, and sell it in home décor stores and other retail shops.

A pottery store provides one with a comprehensive idea of the various kinds of pottery available, and gives one the opportunity to pick pieces that are of the shape, size, and with the designs one desires.

A pottery store sells all kinds of objects made of clay . While some are crafted on a potter's wheel , others are molded by the hands alone. Lamp stands, crockery, vases , mugs , bowls , trinkets , table stands, pots, wall hangings , tea sets, trays, and garden pottery like bird baths, lanterns, and a number of other items may be found in a store selling pottery.

Each potter crafts a unique style of pottery, and hence his or her store will stock pottery items that are different from those of another potter.

Apart from providing customers with a wide choice of items, pottery stores also provide interesting decoration ideas.

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