Pottery Bowl


One of the most popular pottery items, the pottery bowl, fulfills both decorative and utilitarian purposes, while remaining aesthetically appealing as well. In India, terracotta crockery has long been used by street side vendors to serve steaming tea, and chilled lassi (buttermilk). The terracotta bowl has always been a favorite choice for serving phirni (a sweet rice and milk dessert). The hint of an earthy taste lends the preparation and altogether new and refreshing flavor.

The pottery bowl is available in an entire gamut of sizes. Apart from the traditional rounded shape, these bowls made of clay also have other interesting forms. They are available both with and without a flattened base. Sometimes, pottery bowls also have a stand which could be of varying heights. The rim of the bowl does not have any fixed design either. It may be turned in or out, it may be pinched or in a wave-pattern. The pottery bowl could also have handles.

The pottery bowl may be used for various purposes. And its shape and size often depends on this. Some of the popular pottery bowls are:

  • Soup bowls
  • Rice bowls
  • Dessert bowls
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