Planter Pottery


Planter pottery quite simply refers to the terracotta pots in which plants are grown. They are a popular kind of garden pottery . Often left in their natural earthy color, these clay pots provide a beautiful contrast to the greenery in a garden.

Planter pottery includes pots in various sizes and shapes. These clay pots for plants could be paced on the ground, or be hung as baskets, or be placed in stands. They may be plain or be decorated with mirrors, beads, shells, etc. they could also be painted, glazed , or have designs engraved on them. Vintage planter pottery and Fiber Glass planter pottery are also made these days and liked by the people all around.

Planter pots are most often thrown on a wheel , and then baked in a kiln . But they could also be molded by hand. Tools are used by the potter to aid him in the art of making the pot, as well as decorating it.

Some popular pottery designs that are used to adorn planter pottery are,

  • Linear: These include stripes, checks, diagonals etc.
  • Geometric: These are interesting arrangements of geometric shapes
  • Floral: These are patterns of flowers, leaves, vines, creepers, stems, trees etc.
  • Scenic: These patterns on pottery include landscapes, seascapes etc.
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