Handmade Pottery



All pottery is handmade, so the term handmade pottery states the obvious. However, it is to be noted that there are two types of handcrafted pottery:

  • Pottery made on a potter's wheel
  • Pottery molded by hand

Throwing a pot on a potter's wheel demands a great deal of skill and dexterity. The potter has to know exactly where to apply pressure, and how much. Even the slightest slip can upset the process of creation. A master potter knows how to control the clay he shapes on the wheel.

An alternative way of making handmade pottery is by molding the clay by hand. For instance, to make a clay human figure, the craftsman would make the arms and legs and head separately and then attach them to the torso. While crafting pottery by hand, clay is often made into thin rolls and then coiled. These are then smoothened with water.

Handmade pottery is also decorated by hand. This pottery decoration could involve


  • Painting
  • Glazing
  • Engraving/carving
  • Metal plating
  • Decoration with shells/beads/colorful threads

Some of the popular pottery designs that are painted are:

  • Linear: These designs on handmade pottery include stripes, checks, diagonals etc.
  • Geometric: These handcrafted designs on pottery are interesting arrangements of geometric shapes
  • Floral: These are patterns of flowers, leaves, vines, creepers, stems, trees etc.
  • Scenic: These handmade pottery patterns include landscapes, seascapes etc.
  • Animal and human figures
  • Abstract designs such as interesting color effects with splashes, dabs, blending and merging of colors etc. These pottery designs do not have a coherent shape necessarily.
  • Handmade pottery designs on mythological themes.

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