Blue Pottery



India is diverse in many aspects. And one can easily find this diversity in profusion in the domestic pottery that is found in innumerable shapes and sizes. This aspect is almost inseparable from any Indian scene.

The common earthenware is unsophisticated. The shapes are natural, simple but attractive and true to the material. In India, the emphasis has been on the chasteness of the line to lend dignity to the form. Above all, it has to be superbly functional. The most common clay object is the all-purpose kullar (cup-like container) used for keeping water or tea and is sometimes decorated with geometrical and floral designs. Pottery used for festive purposes is particularly gay. The ones used for storing grain or water is huge.

There are immense variety of objects specially produced for the occasion like lamps for Diwali, toys for Dussehra, pots for seedling at Sankranti and the gaily-painted pots for marriages.

Common pottery comes in a bewildering profusion. Being functional, each has a special use. The differences between two pots, which superficially look alike, are subtle.

Besides their normal use, some products are also used for decoration as well.

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