Pottery making in India has been amuch sought-after vocation. The roots of Indian pottery are entrenched deep into its history. In fact, Indians learnt and used the art of pottery even when history was nonexistent. The invention that changed the face of the world – the potter’s wheel, had come to the Indians long long back, some time in the distant past. Men made pottery primarily to meet their daily requirements i.e. for utilitarian purposes. Natural as it is to human beings, creativity took its own course and men started using pottery for decorative purposes as well. The damp clay molded in different shapes and sizes are artistic expression of the vision and moors of the society. Pottery is the measure of a country's civilization. Being one of the oldest crafts, man has expressed his feelings and his aesthetics in clay. A piece of pottery has a visual message in its shape and color. It is the most sensual of all arts. It is not only to be looked at, but also to be handled carefully.

Even today, the story of Indian pottery remains undiminished in its glory and progress. Different regions of India have different and distinctive art of pottery. The same vase can be found in an astounding variety of shapes, sizes and designs – depending upon the location of its creation.

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