Miniature Paintings


Miniature Paintings are illustrations deftly carried out by delicate yet subtle strokes of brush, marked by intricate,colorful and rational impressions.

Miniature Paintings in India had begun to take shape long back in 6-7th century AD, when Kashmiri Miniatures first marked their appearance. Miniature Paintings have evolved since then undergoing through various stages over centuries. In this journey this art have been influenced by many other cultures too.The miniature artists brought out their imaginations on paper, ivory panels, wooden tables, leather, marble, cloth and walls.

In 16th century when Mughals established sway over political horizon of India, Miniature Paintings received an impetus. Muslim kings of the Deccan, Malwa and Hindu Rajas of Rajasthan also lent their patronage on this sublime form of art. The rich, colorful miniature paintings produced under Mughals invited strong Persian influence. These paintings were aristocratic, individualistic and strong in portraiture enriched with the depiction of plush court scenes and hunting expeditions of royalty. Mughals commissioned number of manuscripts with fine illustrationsalso.Whereas Flowers and animals were also the common images in the paintings.

The colors used in the miniatures were mainly derived from minerals, vegetables, precious stones, indigo, conch shells, pure gold and silver.

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