Madhubani Paintings


Mithila a region of Bihar, India very famous in the world of art and paintings.In Mithila region a village called Madhuban is also quite renowned. Its literal meaning is a forest of honey. Traditionally this was the village where a special kind of painting style evolved, which is nowadays called Madhubani Painting. Its called Mithila painting also.

Traditionally these paintings were done on the freshly plastered mud walls of huts but now they are done on paper, canvas and cloths too. These paintings are done by village women folks. These paintings are three-dimensional in view blooming with the colors extracted from the plants grown locally.

There are certain symbols that represent the insight of Madhubani Paintings. The symbols like ring of lotus ( kamalban or purain) and bamboo tree were commonly used to adorn the walls. It is interesting fact to note that both the symbols are associated with the fertility and progeny.

The other symbols included, moon, a source of heavenly nectar, to attain a long life, sun to fertilize and impregnate, turtles to bring beneficent powers to the matrimonial alliance, parrots to symbolize bride and bridegroom and fishes to help in fertility.

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