Landscape Paintings


Landscape Paintings prominently incorporates the scenes of mountains, sky, sea, river and forest. Drawing of sky is almost essential to landscape painting and weather is the driving factor in such paintings. Roman landscape frescoes painted in 1 st century A.D.have been preserved at Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Word landscape is derived from a Dutch word ‘landschap' meaning sheaf, a patch of cultivated ground. History of landscape is thus as old as the early civilization. The caves of Bhimbetka in India were painted as landscapes. Man started with landscape paintings because of the natural tendency to reflect what one sees. This is why landscapes are the reflections mainly of the natural things like seas, mountain, sky, river, forests etc.

Landscapes can be further classified in to many other forms like seascapes, skycaps, moonscapes, riverscapes, cityscapes, aerial scapes etc. Landscape art has developed to great levels and still it's undergoing through many improvements and experiments. landscape painting is done in diverse media and thus

landscape oil painting , landscape watercolor painting , Pastel landscape painting have become hobby object of innumerable people.

Since Landscape Paintings got proper recognition the admirers have also grown in manifolds. Subsequently many a theme has arisen to paint the canvas.

Abstract landscape paintings have been the favorites of many. There are a big number of admirers of floral landscape paintings and forest landscape painting or wildlife landscape paintings. With the moving course of time new styles originated under the auspices of landscape paintings like oriental landscape paintings and American landscape paintings.

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