India has been the home of arts and crafts since primitive times and painting is no exception to this fact. Indians knew the art of painting since prehistoric times. Earliest cave paintings depicting various scenes are the ample testimony of this fact.Caves of Bhimbetka and Ajanta are the milestones which Indian Painting's heritage passes through.

Indian paintings like Miniatures paintings, Thangka paintings, Madhubani paintings, Warlis paintings, Tanjore paintings and various others are now an art freak's greatest temptation. Thus, paintings form a large part of handicraft exports from India. Painted geometric designs and symbols have also been found on pottery items belonging to the Indus valley civilization.

While the medieval period is remembered for the Persian styled miniature paintings introduced by the Mughals. Not only were Mughal miniatures great masterpieces, they also influenced local miniature schools in Rajasthan, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.

Here are the categories which will take you through the big world of Indian Paintings covering minute details.

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