Metal Crafts in India



Exploration in metals was started in India long-long ago. Metal craft was implimented in different metals like iron, copper, silver and alloys like bronze, bell metal, white metal etc. They were used to produce variety of items both for utility and aesthetic purposes. The excellence of metal craft of India is articulated in the bronze sculptures of the Chola Period and the iron pillar of the King Ashok, which are still the source of wonder for both researchers and layman. Quality metal crafts are still produced across India be it brassware of Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, bronze sculptures of Palitana, Gujarat, bidriware of Andhara Pradesh, or silver work of Orissa.

Various metal sculptures and statues, metal crafted decorative items, vases, utensils, ornaments and jewelry, metal furniture, etc are made in India. Indian metal work is distinguished by ornate and sophisticated designs, finesse and finish. Metal work from India has been famous and has still maintained its glory worldwide.

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