Melamine Dinnerware



Melamine is a kind of organic base. Melamine is chemically combined with formaldehyde to produce a thermosetting plastic known as melamine resin. Melamine resin is used to make dishes, bowls and other kitchen wares. Melamine utensil sets or melamine dinnerware is cheap, non toxic and durable. Melamine dinnerware is also considered an alternative to chine dinnerware. It can be used regularly without fear of breakage or chipping. Melamine, being extremely durable, can withstand considerably high temperatures and does not break easily. It is completely dishwasher safe and can be used for reheating food in the microwave oven. Melamine dinnerware was made famous by a brand known as Melmac. Melamine dinnerware is frequently used for informal or casual gatherings. However, melamine dinnerware is not a good choice for formal occasions. However, for formal gatherings it is best to use china dinnerware.

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