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It is difficult to imagine that the silver found in nature, as a crude ore, can be refined to produce some of the most attractive ornaments worn by men and women.

Silver jewelry is popular worldwide for several reasons. Its lustrous, pristine appearance is very alluring. Coupled with that is the price of silver. Silver jewelry is cheaper that gold and platinum. No wonder then that the enormous range of fine silver jewelry – necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings , bangles , anklets, hair ornaments, brooches, bracelets – finds a pleasingly large customer base.

Types of Silver

Pure silver is a very soft and malleable, and damages easily. It is approximately 99.9 % silver. It is suitable only where its delicate nature is required, such as to craft intricate jewelry. Other times, alloys of silver are used.

Britannia Silver : 95.84 % silver, 4.16 % copper

Mexican Silver : 95 % silver, 5 % copper

Sterling Silver : 92.5 % silver, 7.5 % copper


Coin Silver : 90 % silver, 10 % copper

German Silver : 80 % silver

Perhaps, the most popular silver alloy used to make jewelry is sterling silver. Sterling silver jewelry is strong and durable, and harder than pure silver. It also reflects lights very well. Moreover, it doesn't wear like silver plating. The quality marks of sterling silver are ‘sterling', ‘sterling silver', ‘ster', ‘0.925'.

Machine-made vs Handmade Silver Jewelry

Silver trinkets can be machine made or handcrafted. Machine made fine silver jewelry has a better overall finish. It is also cheaper, because it is mass produced. Handmade silver jewelry, on the other hand, has the advantage of being unique, and often customized. Handcrafted silver jewelry is created by skilled craftsmen, and is unique because no two pieces can ever be identical.

Indian Silver Jewelry

In India, unique silver jewelry is made in almost all parts of the country. The oxidized silver jewelry of Rajasthan and Gujarat is renowned for its chunky appearance. It is often adorned with gemstones . Silver gemstone jewelry is colorful and attractive. Indian silver jewelry is also very often decorated with beads , shells , mirrors, colorful threads, feathers, jute ornamentation and crystals. Delicate and elegant silver jewelry is also very popular.

How to Take Care of Silver Jewelry

It is a good idea to keep silver jewelry in an individual pouch or in a separate compartment of the jewelry box to prevent it from getting scratched. Also, it should not be exposed to chemicals like bleach, ammonia, or chlorinated water. Incase it tarnishes, silver jewelry should be polished, to remove the deposit.

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