Originally crafted in Gujarat and Kutch centuries ago, Pachchikam jewelry has an important place in India. It is understood that the close contact between the British and India resulted in the flourishing of this craft.

Pachchikam Jewelry is easily distinguishable from other Indian jewelry crafts. The work is done by hand and it is fragile compared to Kundan. This jewelry executed in gold or silver is worn mostly on formal occasions.

The setting of Pachchikam jewellery encases uncut semi-precious stones and glasswork in simulated open claw workmanship. Fabrication of this jewellery takes place in Kutch and Gujarat by families who specialize in this art that has been handed down from generations.

The execution of jewelry is a very time consuming affair though it is not very expensive. The artisans are conservative in their design approach and generally do not experiment with new designs.

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