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Every girl dreams of a fairytale wedding. It is the beginning of a new life for her, and perhaps one of the most important days of her life. And she wants it to be perfect. This is perhaps why parents begin planning for this auspicious occasion years in advance. While fathers work hard to be able to afford the very best when the time comes, mothers collect wedding jewelry, clothes, and other odds and ends they would like to gift their child.

Jewelers recognize the Indian family's love for an elaborate and lavish wedding. And employ the most able and skilled craftsmen to create wedding jewelry pieces and sets.

Traditional Hindu wedding jewelry is very ornate. It is made of superior quality metal. Gold jewelry is perhaps the most favored, because of its rich and opulent appearance. Nowadays, however, silver wedding jewelry as well as copper and white gold ornaments are becomingly increasingly popular. A lot of families also prefer silver jewelry which is gold polished. This kind of wedding jewelry is not as expensive as jewelry made of pure gold, but looks just as attractive. Wedding jewelry is usually chosen after the wedding outfit has been decided on, so that it can match and complement it.

Ethnic Hindu wedding jewelry is heavily embellished in traditional styles. Kundan wedding jewelry is one of the

most popular decorative jewelry styles. Beautiful ornaments studded with gemstones are also much loved. Silver gemstone jewelry as well as gold and copper wedding jewelry adorned with semi-precious and precious stones has the advantage of being available in numerous colors, and is hence purchased to highlight the colors in the wedding dress. Other well-liked wedding jewelry options are pearl ornaments and trinkets with exquisite polki, meenakari and other work. Indian jewelry is very diverse, and this variety is also seen in India's wedding jewelry sets and individual ornaments.

Wedding necklaces, pendants, earrings, bangles , bracelets, anklets, amulets, toe rings , finger rings, nose rings, hairpins, forehead tikka, girdles and other ornaments are often not very heavy or flamboyant. A lot of people prefer more delicate and light jewelry, in simpler designs and subdued hues. And there are plenty of options available for the prospective bride or groom.

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