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Whole world is running on fashion these days and fashion has done a great job in provinding employment to a big number of people. Fashion jewelry, as the name suggests, is trendy jewelry that is worn for a short period of time, a season or two, when it is in vogue. When fashions change, this kind of jewelry changes form as well. Quite unlike traditional Indian ornaments adorned with work such as kundan , meenakari , polki, pearl and others that are immortal!

Fashion jewelry is for the trend-conscious; for those who enjoy experimenting with new and unusual designs, shapes and colors. Costume jewelry, as fashion jewelry is often called, is the term used to refer to trinkets that are not made of real precious metals and stones. In place of these, lighter and cheaper material is used. For instance, authentic gold , silver , copper, platinum, white gold jewelry does not fall in the category of fashion jewelry. Instead, costume jewelry is made of material such as:

  • Jute
  • Leather
  • Papier mache
  • Bakelite plastic

  • Wood
  • Bone
  • Stone
  • Oxidized metal
  • Horn
  • Lac
  • Terracotta

Often material used to make fashion jewelry is cut, colored and polished in such as manner that it resembles the authentic version. In place of real precious stones , artificial stones such as cubic zirconia and rhinestones are used. These are available in several colors and are very attractive. At the same time, because they are readily available and cheap the cost of manufacturing, and therefore the price of the final fashion jewelry product, drops. Such jewelry is also lighter and more accessible to people. Since fashion jewelry is sometimes a cheaper copy of real jewelry, it is also referred to as imitation jewelry.

Fashion jewelry is available in a number of interesting colors and shapes. The bright colors of Bakelite jewelry do not rub off because they are added when the plastic is molten.

Costume jewelry also includes

  • Ornaments with symbols and messages
  • Charm jewelry such as mood rings, charm bracelets and others.
  • Tattoo jewelry
  • Chandelier earrings
  • Spiral bangles and rings
  • Glass beads strung on nylon
  • Chunky tribal jewelry
  • Sterling silver jewelry studded with artificial stones
  • Abstract jewelry
  • Body piercing jewelry
  • Titanium jewelry
  • Surgical steel jewelry

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