Custom Jewelry



Custom jewelry is simple jewelry that is made to adorn body parts making symmetry with the other adornments on the body. It is not purchased readymade, but is specially crafted to suit your needs and taste by skilled artists. It is often handcrafted jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, rings , pendants, bangles , bracelets, anklets are all ornaments that can be custom made.

In the creation of customized jewelry, the craftsman and the customer together decide what material, ornamentation and design is to be made. Often, the customer knows what he or she desires, and takes this idea to the jeweler in the form of a sketch or picture or sample. Other times, the jeweler shows the customer catalogues and gives his or her personal suggestions, to help the customer choose what he or she desires to be made.

Custom jewelry or personalized jewelry is particularly suitable for those who have a fairly clear idea of what they want and are unable to find it in jewelry stores. This form of designing jewelry gives a person complete freedom over his or her jewelry particulars. Often, customers also get their old ornaments melted and remade into new designs. Sometimes, they own embellishments like gemstones which they want set in jewelry.


The genre of custom jewelry includes all types of jewelry and jewelry for all occasions. Wedding jewelry , fashion jewelry, gold jewelry , silver jewelry , diamond jewelry, kundan jewelry, gemstone jewelry, lacquer jewelry, terracotta jewelry, jewelry made of beads , pearls , shells , wood, stone, jute , papier mache , and other types of Indian jewelry can be custom made.

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