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Jewelry has been a widely adopted practice for adornments since time immemorial.The rare pieces of Jewelry that belongs to the early period of history are refered as antique jewelry,however,jewelry that is furnished in antique pattern is also known as antique jewelry. Antique jewelry of the first kind is sold at auctions and in antique stores and curio shops. These antique ornaments are also passed on as family heirloom jewelry.

What perhaps makes antique jewelry so appealing is its rarity. It is embellished with designs that are no longer created, and crafted using methods that are no longer popular. The absence of sophisticated tools is made up for by exquisite craftsmanship. The dull look of this heritage jewelry has a certain old-world charm – it has the capacity to transport you back to the time it originally belongs to – that is impossible to resist.

Antique jewelry is often referred to as vintage jewelry or estate jewelry.

Antique jewelry pieces belong to a particular historical period. For instance, we have Georgian jewelry, Edwardian jewelry, Victorian Jewelry and others.

Georgian Jewelry: This antique jewelry is inspired by nature. It is handcrafted jewelry. It dates back to the period from 1714 to 1837.


Romantic Jewelry : The antique trinkets from this period spanning the years 1837-1850, is also influenced by nature. It is largely gold jewelry that is detailed with delicate designs that include gemstones and diamonds .

Grand Jewelry: The mid-Victorian period that covers the years 1860-1880, were a solemn time in England's history. Following the death of Queen Victoria's husband, ornaments acquired a grave disposition. The stones chosen were dark; they included onyx, garnets and amethysts. This was called mourning jewelry. At the same time, another vein of jewelry was becoming colorful.

Aesthetic Jewelry: Late Victorian Jewelry of the period 1885-1900 was using a lot of diamonds and cheerful gemstones in beautiful colors. The antique jewelry of this period is very feminine.

Edwardian Jewelry : This heritage jewelry belongs to the period from 1901 to 1910, during the reign of King Edward. Expensive gemstones and ornate designs defined the jewelry of the day.

Antique Indian Jewelry is similarly, jewelry from eons ago. It embodies the unadulterated Indian jewelry tradition, concentrating on ethnic motifs and stones, metal and design.

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