Crafts of Sikkim



High mountains, flushing channels and fascinating greenery of Himalayan prodigy Sikkim is widely known for not only its picturesque beauty but for some magnificent craftwork also like woven woolen carpets, table called Choktse, Hand made paper, Woolen blankets and traditional motifs and unique designs.

Foremost among Sikkim's products are the beautiful hand woven woolen carpets with traditional Sikkimese motifs and unique. These attractively designed carpets are in great demand in Sikkim and abroad. The handsome woolen texture is durable, plush and they are dyed not with synthetic dyes but traditional vegetable Sikkimese dyes.

Choktse, the foldable table from Sikkim is one of the well known product in India and abroad. Choktse are prepared in varying designs and dimensions. Hand made paper is another product demanded inside and outside the state.

The traditional Sikkimese weaves and woolen blankets which can be designed into bags, shawls, jackets, opulent Sikkimese thankas (traditional tapestry ), leather works, dolls, variegated appliqué work, batiks, an exquisite selection of dolls and a variety of fashionable garments for modern people are the other specialties of the state.

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