Traditional Crafts of Rajasthan



Jaipur is often referred as the craft capital of India. Since olden times the royalty accorded due patronage to the craftsmen and artisans, which led to the flourishing of arts and crafts in the State. The Jaipur bazaars provide rich numerous artifacts of fascination for the connoisseurs of indigenous Indian arts and crafts.

Tie-and-Dye Textiles

Jaipur specializes in providing pachranga or five-coloured bandhej on saris, odhnis, or mantles and safas or turba. The numerous cotton textile shops offer fine range of check-weave cotton saris from Kota.

Hand block Printing

This technique is practiced all across the state. But Sanganer and Bagru close to Jaipur specialize in this art form.


Also called as Jaipuri Razai available in beautiful colours with Sanganeri prints, bright tie-dyed materials, marble prints on cotton or in brightly hued velvet they are soft, light and warm.



Kundan and Meenakari crafts are exclusive to Jaipur.

Gems and Stones

Famous as world's largest gem cutting center, Jaipur offers wide range of precious, semi precious stones like garnets, amethysts, quartz, rubies, emeralds and diamonds.

Blue Pottery

Raja Sawai Ram Singh II brought the art of glazed pottery in Jaipur. Jaipur is known for its ezquisite range of durable Blue Pottery.

Leather Craft

Jootis of Jaipur in plain and embroidered designs are very popular across the globe.


The woodwork includes intricately carved doors, windows, dowry chests, picture, and mirror frames. To give these items an antique look they are produced on traditional lines and acid washed.


Pichwais and Miniature paintings are easily available in Jaipur. Miniatures are noted for the delicate use of brush and vivid colors that lends natural vibrancy to the paintings.

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