Decorative ornaments called bangles have over the centuries acquired a cultural, social and religious significance. This decorative accessory for arms has also numerous references to the literary texts. It is also symbol of marriage amongst women in India.

Bangles are executed in different materials and different regions of India have distinct style of bangle making.

Bangles enhance the feminine grace and beauty of the woman manifolds. The bronze figure in Indus Valley Civilization is shown with bangles adoring her entire arm. Even the Yakshinis are depicted wearing bangles. Kadambari penned down by Banabhatt has a reference to Goddess Saraswati shown as wearing kangans.

Bangles in Different States of India


Married woman wears iron kada (bangle). She also wears white conch bangles and a red lac bangles.


Brides in Punjab are wear choodas ( ivory bangles in red and white) in multiples of four. She generally wears them from a period of 3-6 months.



When Gujarati woman conceives her sister-in-law presents her a silver chain bracelet. In the seventh month she is also asked to wear a bracelet made of black thread and five kowdis (a kind of shell). It is believed that this bracelet helps in an easy delivery


Green bangles are worn by women of Maharashtra on all auspicious occasions.

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