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Basket Weaving and Mat Making

Man has known basket weaving and mat making crafts since the dawn of history. It is thus one of the oldest craft forms. The tribals do most of the basketry and mat making work in India. The tribals, to reflect their art and culture have used cane and bamboo since ancient times. The materials used for basket, mat weaving and cane work are simple and found in abundance. Locally available natural material like grass, reeds, leaves etc is used for mat and basket making. Jute, coir and bamboo are also used in basketry and in making mats. States like Bihar, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and the Northeastern states are known for their basket weaving and mat making traditions. The production of cane furniture is on the rise these days.

Jute and coir are relatively new materials, which are being used in various making various items. Coir fiber is obtained from coconut husk after a lengthy process. Kerala is the largest producer coir products, which range from mats, mattresses, pillow-covers, carpets, bags, wall hangings etc. Coir items and popular due to their durability. Jute, known as the golden fiber is the cheapest natural fiber. A variety of utilitarian items are created using jute. West Bengal is the largest producer of a variety of jute crafts, which range form: mats, floorings, cushion covers, table covers, bags, garments, stuffed toys etc.

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