Antique Finish Wooden Candle Holder (Hour-Glass shape in Black)



 Gift Antique Finish Wooden Candle Holder Product code : HCWC0008CNDBL

Description : Fireplace Candle holders are known to enhance the look of the fireplace. Our range of candle holders can do exactly that. Ethic and antique in look, these fireplace candle holders will indeed be a proud possession to your collection of showpieces. This hour-glass shaped wooden candle holder is made a little more aesthetic with this mango wood creating that weaved design. In the middle this piece depicts inscribed inlay art with thick carving. The sleek black metal top has a hollow circular place to hold a medium size or large size candle. Available in blackish wooden colour. The subtle design makes it compatible for candle lit dinners besides the utility on special occasions!!